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Education System

The Virtus Education model consists of a framework of consistently challenging programs that are creative, intellectually stimulating and helps develop a co-operative approach to team work with individual accountability. It prepares our students for a lifetime of learning.


Knowledge and skills are two things which are important in any global community. Through proper implementation of the curriculum we impart these qualities to our students so that they can compete, excel and lead lives with integrity and satisfaction. We wish for our students to be successful both as individuals and in a larger sense as meaningful contributors to society.

At Virtus Education, we follow a modified Ontario (Canadian) curriculum. The Ontario curriculum provides the base for our studies but additional enriching concepts and resources have been employed from other sources to ensure that the very best programming is provided for our children. The schools use data generated from various technology platforms to target student performance improvements, by supplementing learning with intervention programs to bring student achievement up to set standards.

Virtus Education

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